About iintoa

We are an independent association namely Indonesia INBOUND Tour Operators Association being a shelter for businessmen or leaders of tours and travel agency whose activities to plan and carry out tourist trips from the country of origin of tourists to the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, in collaboration with Tour Wholesalers and / or Tour Operators abroad.

The Entrepreneurs of the INBOUND Tour Operators agreed to unite their intentions and determination in advancing Indonesian tourism through this association with the main goal is to make tourism as the main foreign exchange earner for Indonesia. The players (companies) who specialize and focus their main business on inbound tourism are commonly referred to as inbound tour operators in Indonesia.

The organizer of the INBOUND Tour Operators, in the form of companies, is an important tourism industry that is a source of foreign exchange income and is part of the national development system, so its development and activities cannot be separated from one another.

We accommodates various roles and or aspirations of like-minded members, who have the same passion and profession as INBOUND Indonesia tour operators, in order to increase professionalism, build member capacity, global competitiveness and be able to serve and or protect members proportionally and professionally.

The most important that we can provide input and consideration to the government for the advancement of Indonesian tourism, especially bringing in foreign tourists through members of the Association which are managed based on the principles of professionalism, transparency, democratic, honest, fair and accountability.